Sicko Mobb Powers Up In ‘Super Saiyan Vol. 1’

Sicko Mobb is one of the most highly sought after talents coming out of the Windy City. The duo, comprised of Lil Trav and Lil Ceno, have brought to Hip Hop a new infectious sound for boppers and non-boppers.

The duo have ushered in a new era of Black music. African Americans have long been instrumental in creating much of America’s popular musical art forms, including, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Soul, Rock and Roll, R&B and Hip Hop.

Sicko Mobb’s style of music can be described as uptempo, melodic instruments combined with auto-tuned vocals. This music provides the soundtrack for boppers.

The “Bop,” originating in Chicago’s African American community, has undergone many transformations throughout several generations. Originally performed in the late 50s and early 60s, the “Bop” was a smooth, calm dance of striding, gliding, dipping and dabbing, according to

In today’s generation amongst a younger, hip demographic, the “Bop” now is performed to Hip Hop music. It incorporates a “bounce” with slick footwork and various body movements.

Sicko Mobb have essentially created their own musical genre that can be called “Bop and Roll.”

Sicko Mobb’s buzz soon caught the attention of the world’s top labels, including Def Jam Records and Interscope Records.

Sicko Mobb wrote both labels offered $3 million, according to a Nov. 1 post written on the group’s Facebook page.

Sicko Mobb eventually settled on a publishing deal with Stellar Songs/Water Music Publishing, an imprint of Sony/ATV, FakeShoreDrive reports.

Sicko set out to showcase their talent to the world with their debut mixtape “Super Saiyan Vol. 1,” hosted by DJ V Dub. As the title suggests, Sicko aimed to power up to a new level in the rap game with this project.

What better way for the bop kings to begin their mixtape than with music for a “Fiesta.”

Fiesta, or fi fi, is a term coined by Chicago’s African American community for parties. Partygoers usually get together and bop during fiestas.

Sicko’s track “Hoes Be Goin’” featuring J Cash is an ode to thots.

Lil Trav anchors this single, rapping, “All these hoes like my dance, get these hoes up off of me/Rocking in my Burberry, Kush so strong I fall asleep/Broke ass n****s don’t talk to me.”

Sicko Mobb’s “Remy Rick” is one of their earlier singles released in 2013. The duo predicted their impending fame in this single.

“I got the fame, now b*****s calling me,” the duo raps.

Trav hits the track, rapping, “Willie Wonka candy paint on a maserati, I’m gon faint/Filled with kush, we call it stank/Bunny hopping in new Mikes.”

Ceno raps, “Sicko mob be the squad/I’m Lil Ceno, don’t tell nobody/On the manor, I be turned up, in the party off a molly/Screaming f**k a thot or Barbie/They give me sloppy toppy driven in my Rari, Rari.”

Sicko Mobb is definitely working to leave their mark in not only Chicago music, but in the entire genre of Hip Hop.

Sicko is aiming to make their dreams a reality in “Remember Me,” a Mudd Gang production.

Trav’s eyes are set to riches, rapping, “Man, it’s follow nobody and I got a million dollar dream/That red b***h, she feeling m…Got a lotta weed, they can go to sleep/F**k nine times, show you I’ma freak.”

Ceno remembers his deceased father in his verse, rapping, “They took my pops away from me, so I turn up on everything/I’m with Lil Trav, we off a lean.”

Sicko Mobb linked up with Chi Town legendary rapper Twista in “Bitches N Bikinis.”

Sicko Mobb linked up with Lil Durk for the bonafide hit “Maserati,” a Cicero On Da Beat production.

Lil Ceno hits this track, rapping, “I’m rolling, I’m holding, got money, so I blow it/Got ni**as plotting on Sicko cause I got they thotties goin/Got a red b*tch and her hair long/And I love the way her legs long.”

Lil Trav follows his Sicko brother, rapping, “I’m passed off on Versace and these thotties think I’m hottie and this outing makes hobby cause we do out dance on highways/Lil Trav is my name, OTS is switching lanes while his girlfriend give me brain/Make that shit her hobby.”

Lil Durk is hitting his money dance on this bop track.

Durk, like his Sicko Mobb counterparts, flexes an up-tempo flow, rapping, “I might money dance with a hundred bands, that chopper make him do the running man/I don’t bop, I do the money dance/Own money dance, yo b*tch bop/Yo b*tch pop, can’t give me top/Just give me gwop.”

Sicko Mobb’s debut project is only the start of their burgeoning music career. Trav and Ceno are one of the few artists carrying their city on their backs.

Trav and Ceno are flying high in their own lane as their unique sound cannot be placed in any category. With their power level on high, this duo is unstoppable in the music game.

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