Snoop Dogg Addresses Rumors He Was Kicked Out Of Long Beach By Rolling 20s Crips

Snoop Dogg recorded a 2-minute vlog to address rumors he was kicked out of Long Beach, CA by crips. It was alleged the Rolling 20s told Snoop to leave for not paying royalties.

“First of all, all you n****s talking that s**t about Snoop can’t come to the hood, can’t do this. I do whatever I like, whenever I like,” he said. “Second of all, you n****s is 50 years old. You can’t get a job cuh? You mad at me, cuh, cause I won’t help you no more. Cause I can’t do nothing to help you no more. I’m focused on helping out the kids and putting football programs and doing positive things in the hood, You mad cuz? You mad cause I won’t call you big homie? Cause I’m 47 years old and I refuse to call another n***a big homie that ain’t gotta job, that ain’t gotta f*****g car. Mad and jealous of me cause of what I’m doing. Tryna blemish my name and my character. Cuz I am the LBC. Me and my young homies, we gota great relationship.

“…You cannot disrespect a king,” he continued. “I’m the king of Long Beach, n***a. I made it fashionable for n****s to bang the dub. I made it universal, motherf****r. I’m the n***a that took the set around the whole globe.”

Snoop says he’s all about progressing young black men.

“I’m doing positive things now,” he said. “I’m enlightening homies and showing them how to get it a different way. That’s what real big homies do. I refuse to put a pistol or a sack in my little homies’ hands. I’ll put a mic in his hand, or an [m-box?], drum machine, or maybe a video camera.”

Snoop added, “Ain’t none of you n****s put me on the set and ain’t none of you n****s kick me off the set.”

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