Album Review: Swagg Dinero- ‘Long Live JoJo’

Swagg Dinero gave fans music to remember in his debut album “Long Live JoJo.” The project was personal for the Bricksquad rapper as it honors the memory of his slain younger brother Lil JoJo who was gunned down Sept. 4, 2012. Swagg released this project on JoJo’s second death anniversary. Much hype circulated around Swagg’s project in the months leading up to its release. But the question that remained on some fans’ minds was whether Swagg could live up to hype. They say there are no dumb questions, but this one of them. The fans called and Swagg delivered quality project for their listening pleasure. Swagg’s album is chock full of hit songs. Swagg combined some earlier releases along with his new joints on this DJ Amaris and DJ Nehpets-hosted project. Some of the tracks include classic songs from JoJo.

Swagg opened his album with an older track featuring the rhymes of a pre pubescent JoJo. A young JoJo goes in over Lil Wayne’s popular “Hustler Musik” beat. He raps, “It’s Lil JC in the place to be/Upcoming, a young MC, basically/Chicago’s finest, shining like a diamond/Started from the bottom, but now I’m climbing.”

Swagg paid the cost to be a boss. His work in the streets serves as his clout. Swagg is moving heavy “In These Streets,” rapping, “I got work in these streets, but you know how it be/Just because a n-gga rap, don’t run up on me/I keep the pole around me/Ain’t no control around me/and n-ggas like my sons, they gon blow sh-t for me.”

Talk of Swagg’s clout doesn’t end there.

Swagg Dinero is living the good life and laughing at his haters in “La La,” rapping, “I guess that’s how it be when your name be coming on/All these fakers in my face, now they wanna call me bro/Nowhere to be found when the kid was looking broke/I don’t f-ck with new n-ggas, yall should take that as a no.”

Swagg can easily get the job done on the solo tip. But he can also up the ante on the music hustle in collaborative records.

Swagg Dinero and Billionaire Black are on another level in their joint track. The two been there, done that. Others are just now getting hip to the game.

Swagg handles the hook on this record, rapping, “F-cking the baddest h-es on the block, a n-gga been did that/Finessing the plug out the work, my n-gga I did that.”

Billion raps, “Finesse the plug out a bag, a young n-gga been did that/I’m riding around off xannies, I’m getting that zig zag/My n-ggas ain’t doing no talking, so f-ck all the chit chat/I catch a opp lacking, he snoozing, we pull his damn wig back.”

Bricksquad 069 and Bricksquad Monopoly joined forces for new music on this album. Swagg linked up with BSM’s Frenchie for a Metro Boomin single. Swagg and Frenchie only have one thing on their mind and that’s money. Green is far more than a necessity for the two. It’s an addiction.

Swagg Dinero defines “Real” as being yourself. Swagg and Smylez lay out the rules to being real in their collaborative single.

Swagg gets real, rapping, “Sometimes, you live and die by the gun, spend your life tryna run/I done been through the feelings of shooting shit up for fun/Can’t ever show them your back, the snakes be on attack.”

Smylez adds another does of realness to the track, rapping, “Real definition, n-gga I am that/Slap a b-tch with a hundred racks/Don’t ever send no email to my gmail with your heart attached.”

Swagg Dinero is bossing up on the f-ck boys tryna knock his shine in “Lil N-gga.” He is on his Tony Soprano mafia mode, rapping, “Pull up for a reason, it’s a hit/Call my n-gga Smylez like make a hit/Then call my n-gga like damn let’s do a hit/And n-ggas hate on me cause I’m the sh-t.”

Life is not a game. Swagg doesn’t have time for child’s play and he is definitely not for play.

Swagg raps, “This ain’t no motherf*cking game/All my n-ggas gang bang, all my n-gga insane/F-cked up in the brain/We done took a lot of pain/We done caused a lot of pain/Bodies dropping everyday.”

Swagg’s “I’m That N*gga” was one of the earliest tracks he teased in preparation of his album. The snippet he provided fans was solid and the final version is even more worth the listen. Swagg is Osoarrogant in this track, rapping, “Roll around, I’m with the squad/And if you throw a L, n-gga that’s the fastest way to get chalked/Don’t front on me cause I made it, I got Toy Story guns, big canons with the red laser.”

Swagg Dinero and P. Rico don’t wife em, they “1Night” em. The Bricksquad rappers recorded a hot club record for twerkers.

Rico raps, “I just really only want that b-tch for one night/Shawty looking good, got on something tight/Ass moving left, ass moving right/Damn, I wanna f-ck cause it’s only right.”

Swagg raps, “You are not a boss, you not moving right/My lifestyle is crazy, do this every night/I be dunking thotianas, didging flashing lights.”

Swagg ended his project with a heartfelt message to JoJo. Swagg’s “Letter To JoJo” is easily one of the standout tracks on his album. Swagg carries on a conversation with his deceased bro catching him up to speed on his latest ventures.

Swagg also replays the tragic events of Sept. 4, 2012 in his mind pondering the things he could’ve done different to change the day’s outcome.

He raps, “I still think about you n-gga even though that you gone/You know OG be going crazy, I just tell her be strong/Sh-t ain’t the same little n-gga ever since you been gone.”

Swagg’s song writing and song selection on this project was the best we’ve ever seen from him. Swagg recorded singles for a variety of moods. Swagg got the rumor mill going that he was retiring from drill music. We hope he wasn’t referring to music altogether. We can respect his decision to allow his talents to blossom in other areas of music. Swagg is a young talent on the Chicago Hip Hop scene and has a lot more years left in him to bless fans with new music. We don’t believe this is the last catalog of music we’ll be seeing from the Bricksquad rapper. We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, enjoy Swagg’s latest serving of JoJo World below.

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