Swagg Dinero Reacts to Detroit Rapper Snap Dogg Dissing Lil JoJo

Rumors are swirling over the net that Snap Dogg disrespected slain Chicago rapper Lil JoJo. We aren’t able to confirm the validity of this, but Swagg Dinero caught wind of this and took to social media to call the Detroit rapper out.

“This a public service announcement to that b***h a– n***a Snap Dogg,” Nero said. “I don’t f****g know you. I don’t give no f***k who you hang with, but you better keep bro name out your mouth. Motherf****r a get up with you. It’s not hard. You a rapper, b***h.”

Snap is currently embroiled in a beef with Rico Recklezz. Rico dissed the Detroit rapper in “Snappy.”

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