Swagg Dinero Is Serious About His Paper In ‘Stop Playin 2’ Mixtape (Review)

Swagg Dinero told yall to stop playin. Yall didn’t hear him the first time, so he gotta tell it again. Swagg presents to fans the sequel to his debut mixtape “Stop Playin,” hosted by DJ Wats.

Nero made money the primary objective in his new release. Embedded in most of the lyricism on this project was the Bricksquad rapper’s desire to attain dead presidents. But that wasn’t all what Nero was about. The Chi Town rapper also expounds on his growth in this project. It’s been close to three years since Swagg’s sudden rise to fame. He experienced a lot of life lessons that he chose to share with listeners on this tape.

Swagg Dinero opens his tape with a strong record. Swagg not only came up from tragedy, he also overcame it. It’s a blessing because he and the fam don’t have to “Hurt No Mo.” Swagg talks chasing green in this record with no fear in his heart.

Swagg raps, “Money is the only religion, just remember that/I walk through the shadows of death, but don’t slip through a crack.”

Swagg thinks wise in song “Gone Be Straight.” He sees the bigger picture- money. Swagg positions himself as a mentor to a shorty in this record. Swagg tells a youngin to focus on bettering himself rather than imitating those around him.

Swagg raps, “Let’s get money, boss it up, no time to fight/Let him play with a check, or the work and finesse, lil n-gga you gone be straight/You in class with a grade A test, lil homie you gone be straight/Don’t worry about the block, just focus on your shot/lil homie you gon be straight/Don’t try to be him cause he so fake, little homie you gone be straight.”

At this point, listeners should know Swagg got dollar signs in his eyes. Like Bankroll PJ, Swagg want them “Hunnits.” Real hunneds though, no counterfeit. Swagg says he’s going to make sure his team eat with him.

Swagg aims to set himself apart from the rest. This is because he wants to be “The Best.” This is what every artist should aspire to be, right? Swagg already has his mental set on this. Swagg raps, “Can’t be regular cause I always been different/This right here is JoJo World and you gon never forget it/This ain’t happen overnight, I been grinding for a minute.”

Swagg couldn’t put together a project without tapping the talent of one Chi Town’s elite producers- Smylez. Swagg is looking for the right woman to “F*ck Around” with. As long as she keeps it real, she’s real in Swagg’s book. It’s that simple.

Swagg Dinero again taps Smylez for “How I See It.” Swagg wasn’t done there. He got Killa Kellz to help him rip the beat to shreds. It was an all-Bricksquad 069 affair on this track.

Swagg opens this track, rapping, “How can I trust you I can’t trust myself/G Boy, so I double G my belt/Flee boy sh-t, I don’t need no help/Call it how I see it, play what I dealt.”

Kellz follows, rapping, “Killa don’t miss, he score/Keep big hammers on me like Thor/That glock a start kicking and bodies start flipping, leave dead bodies all on the floor.”

Dudes are running their mouths like females today. Swagg can’t stand people that “Talk Too Much.” According to Swagg, there are chatty patties from the north to the south running their mouths about him.

Think before acting. This is what Swagg preaches in his Kodak production featuring Manny. Swagg admits to being hardheaded, but knows this is not the right route to take. He also says he’s not the one to preach, but wise words needed to be said. Swagg says he lost guys to the streets because they didn’t make the right decisions.

Swagg raps, “You gotta think cause it’s way more than these streets, I done buried my homies.”

The word thot slides off the tongue so easy. There have been many variations of the word, including, thotiana and thotidino. Swagg has come up with his own word- “Thothelina Jolie.” Swagg loves his thothelina. She does it all for him. Swagg hits his Smylez production, rapping, “Girl, why you watching me? Is it cause I got racks in my jeans? Is it cause I’m always on flee? Cause I’m always doing my thing.”

Swagg Dinero was able to hook up a hot collaboration with Rico Recklezz on song “How Many.”

Swagg opens this record, rapping, “I keep all my killers with me and I keep my circle tight/I don’t trust none but my pipe, I keep my circle tight.”

Rico spazzes on this track, rapping, “Stop tryna act hard before they find you in a garage/Missing a whole lot of body parts/Leave your body smelling like lard.”

Fans can expect growth from Swagg on each of his new releases. That’s a given. A lot of rappers pretend to be too cool to talk about their shortcomings in their life in their music. Swagg reveals his experience made him better at separating the real from the fake. This is also, of course, makes for better music. It puts Swagg on the people’s level since many fans can relate to him. Swagg essentially emerged as the people’s champ on this project. Swagg’s latest mixtape is a must-listen.

Download/stream Swagg Dinero’s “Stop Playin 2” below.

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