Tay600 Reacts To 110 People Getting Shot In Chiraq: ‘Ain’t No Time For Lacking’

Chicago made headlines after 110 people were victims of gun violence in the first 10 days of 2016. This is reportedly 2 ½ times the number of people shot during the same period last year.

Tay600 was asked his thoughts on this staggering statistic during an interview with Hip Hops Revival.

“It seem like people getting dumber and dumber. It seem like more bodies drop, people get more clueless to this sh* t,” Tay600 said. “Every time I see a n***a get shot or a innocent lady get shot or a young motherf****r get shot or motherf****rs getting shot in all type of public a-- places that you would think people wouldn’t shoot at a motherf****r at, it just make me smarter. Motherf*****s just be out here doing dumb sh*t. Motherf*****s out here knowing they into it, still moving crazy…”

Tay600 said he moves a certain way, so he won’t become a victim.

“I ain’t even gon lie to you. I don’t even maneuver with no female girls in my family outside in the streets,” he said. “I know how sh*t go. Motherf*****s ain’t got no remorse cause I done did sh*t to people. I believe in karma. I try to move around that sh*t as much as I can. Motherf*****s’ b****s always getting shot everyday. Grandma just got shot in her head. Ain’t no mercy being shown. …This sh*t only gon get worse. Motherf*****s need to put that sh*t in their mind. Motherf*****s always got hope. …It’s too much blood shed behind this sh*t. It’d never be over with. It’s already too deep. People just need to be moving smarter cause every time you lose someone close to you that just make you blank out even more.”

“N****s just be out here lacking,” he said. “Ain’t no time for lacking.”

Check out Tay600’s interview at the eight-minute mark above.

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