Tekashi69 Exposed Stealing Lyrics From RondoNumbaNine and L’A Capone

Tekashi69 is a huge fan of Chicago. So much that he borrows lyrics from very popular Chiraq artists.

In RondoNumbaNine’s “Hang Wit Me (Freestyle),” he raps, “You n****s say you heard of me, but I ain’t heard of you/Get the f**k up out my f*****g face before I act a fool.”

Tekashi raps the same lyrics in “Billy.”

Tekashi69 also may have borrowed a line from L’A Capone.

In “Murder,” L’A Capone raps, “Hole in his head he a dolphin.”

In Trippie Redd’s “Poles1469,” Tekashi raps, “Put a hole in his head, he a dolphin!”

Tekashi69 regarded RondoNumbaNine as his musical influence in his DJ Whoo Kid interview.

“You know what’s crazy? The person who made me start rapping was RondoNumbaNine,” Tekashi69 told DJ Whoo Kid during a sit-down interview. “I swear to G-d. You know it’s crazy because people say RondoNumbaNine is fresh. He new. I didn’t know s**t about rap.”

RondoNumbaNine soon got on the line to offer his thoughts on the rising Brooklyn rapper.

“I wanna give a special shoutout to my boy SixNine,” Rondo said in a jail call. “I see you out there doing your thing. Keep grinding. F**k all the haters. Show love to the real n****s. Real recognize real. Do your thing. Keep going crazy. Keep turning up. I’ll be back out there in a minute going crazy. Shout out to all my fans that’s been supporting a n***a. Real n***a for life, forever. I can’t ever change.”

Rondo’s older brother Big Swirl was able to get Rondo and Tekashi on the line together.

“Y’all know what the f**k going on,” Tekashi said. “It’s Tekashi, scum gang. I’m on the phone with my brother Rondo. You already know that s**t, man.”

Rondo went onto co-sign the “Gummo” rapper.

“Real n***a salute,” Rondo said. “On bro, you know how this s**t go. Real n***a gon always link up.”

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