Top Shatta Hits The Mark In ‘Mr. Shoot It Out On Halsted’ (Review)

Top Shatta spent over a year preparing his sophomore mixtape effort “Mr. Shoot It Out On Halsted,” hosted by DJ Shon, DJ Amaris and DJ MilTicket. During that time frame he had been feeding fans’ hunger for his project with solid single releases. Shatta set out to meet the high expectations of fans for his sophomore effort following the release of his hot debut “Shots Fired, Shots Landed.” We deem Shatta’s “SFSL” a classic. But could he do it again was the question we asked? There was no need to doubt Shatta because he knows how to get the job done in the studio. His tales of street life come second nature to him Shatta gives listeners the story of a street vet from Roseland in his current release.

Like Charlie Sheen, Top Shatta is “winning!” So just give the man his shine. Shatta opens his record with an infamous speech by one of NBA’s most prolific athletes- Allen Iverson. Shatta is scoring in his opening track, but it’s not buckets. Shatta’s mind is all about revenge. Opps find out the hard way why the Roseland native earned his name Top Shatta.

Shatta raps, “They killed my n*ggas now I gotta kill they killers/I don’t like to lose, a n*gga love that winning feeling/Got Chase up on the beat, you know this b*tch a winner.”

Shatta continues to “Go Dumb” into track two. But we already know Shatta is a loose screw. He reminds listeners he’s bout that in his Hearontracks-produced record.
Shatta raps, “They call a n-gga crazy cause I go dumb/Smoking on this weed, I got dope lungs/Always been heartless had no love/You n-ggas ain’t savage cause you blow one.”

Hella Bandz is a team built of leaders.

Top Shatta is his own man and makes his own rules. Shatta is making sure Mouse learns this early.

“Always been myself, don’t wanna be nobody else,” Shatta raps in this song’s hook.

Top Shatta and BossTop hooked up for a hot collaboration. The collaboration was highly anticipated as Shatta and Boss represent two different gang factions. The two came together to show the world they don’t care about each other’s affiliations. Shatta didn’t stop there. He even tapped Blind Folks Films to film their music video on their respective sets- Wild Hundreds and OBlock. The outcome was super hot fire.

Shatta hits this track, rapping, “I’m a real n*gga, no secret/I’m in the streets, you can see it/I post up for no reason, 11-9 with my demons/Try to bust a move, it’s crackin.”

BossTop follows Shatta, rapping, “Shatta shoot it out on Halsted, me, I’m shooting out on the opps/Yeah, we playing around with real guns, little n*gga, these ain’t no props.”

The Lox told Hip Hop heads in 1998 it’s all about money, power and respect. According to Shatta, one has to get money and respect before attaining power. Shatta also states power is like a drug. People will do any and everything to get it.

Shatta raps, “I know n*ggas who rise from the power/I know n*ggas who die from the power.”

Top Shatta and TTB Nez released their collaborative single “Levels” in September 2014. Shatta and Nez passed the levels to be dons in the streets.

Shatta raps, “Acting like a hitter, it’s levels to that sh-t/I knew you back in school, you always been a b-tch/You say you got some goons, okay fine, die with them.”

Nez hits this record, rapping, “Kush is my cologne, they say I smell like reefer/I come through, I’m blowing in and out your speakers/Woofin at a n-gga, it’s levels to this sh-t/I keep my eight, so ain’t no talking, it can be a hit.”

Shatta had a hot single with incarcerated Hella Bandz member Ebone Hoodrich stored away in the vault. Shatta and Ebone are cruising in the “Benz Coupe.” This track is my favorite on this tape.

Shatta raps, “CL550, that’s my Benz Coupe/CL63, that’s my Benz Coupe/Hella Bandz bang money, that’s my damn crew/I told the dealer keep the top, I don’t need a roof.”

Ebone follows Shatta, rapping, “I’m trapping getting bread in that Benz Coupe/Riding around getting head in that Benz Coupe/Ain’t no lacking, got the lead in that Benz-Coupe/N*gga tripping then I’m dumping out that Benz-Coupe.”

Shatta reminisces on fallen friends and family in new single “Loved Ones,” a Tha Orchestr8er production. The track is an emotional one for Shatta who reveals he shed a tear writing the song.

Shatta raps, “I ain’t the only one that’s feeling like I miss em/I swear I’m cold hearted but I still miss my n-ggas.”

Shatta set the bar high for himself in his debut and was determined not to fall victim to the sophomore jinx. Shatta improved upon his proven formula in this project and even tried some new material that showed strong emotion, i.e., “Loved Ones.” Shatta showed he is not afraid to try something new in the stu. But Shatta shines when he spits his threatening bars of street life. We grade Shatta’s “Mr. Shoot It Out On Halsted” an “A.” What do you think? Download this hot new tape below.

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