Trippie Redd Arrested For Pistol Whipping A Woman

#trippieredd arrested for pistol-whipping woman

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Trippie Redd is in that jam after he was arrested for allegedly pistol-whipping a woman.

The victim posted a video online explaining the ordeal.

“I was chilling at my homegirl’s house and I basically fell off with Trip and them and his b***h [Angvish] like a week ago and I just stopped f*****g with them.”

She continued, “Right when I came to the house, Ceejay comes and is like, ‘Man, get this b***h the f**k out, immediately,’ cause we already had beef. So then Trippie runs down the stairs with his b***h.

When the victim got in Angvish’s face, Trippie pistol-whipped her in the back of the head.

Story developing.

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