Tupac Recounts Concert Shootout With Gangster Disciples Over Robert ‘Yummy’ Sandifer’s Murder

Tupac recalled a violent incident during his encounter with members of the Gangster Disciple street gang at a concert performance in Milwaukee. Tupac said he was infuriated by the tragic death of Robert “Yummy” Sandifer and attributed his death to members of the notorious street gang. This prompted Pac to confront gang affiliated concertgoers.

“I went out there. They be looking out for me,” he said.The one set want me to be down with them. The Black Stones want me to be with them. GDs be with them. I had a run in with them in Milwaukee. Cause that was when that little kid died. Yummy Sandifer. I had did a show the next day after they killed that kid. Cause you heard what happened, right? They executed him. I was out there when I did the show. The gang was in the f-cking audience. The whole gang has bought out the stadium. So I’m rapping to the n-ggas that just killed this kid. And they all screaming out “thug life!” I felt bad like they got it twisted. So I start cursing them n-ggas out. “Yall n-ggas cowards. Yall killed that kid. Yall n-ggas is punks. I hate all you n-ggas.” Them n-ggas start throwing sh-t We had a shootout in the stadium. It was tough man. The whole gang tore up the whole neighborhood.

“Then I started getting letters from that area with all the mothers, the girls was like ‘thank you for doing that cause everybody scared of these n-ggas,’” he continued. “That’s what I wanna do. If these gang n-ggas ain’t gon get straight then I want to take em out the game. Cause if they don’t, it’s gon make it tougher on us.”

Pac has long been advocate for ending youth violence. Tupac recorded the songs “Shorty Wanna Be Thug” and “Young N-----” in honor of Yummy and, in his words, “all other lil young n----- that’s in a rush to be gangstas.”

Yummy was a Chicago youth who lived a life of extreme poverty and violence before he was tragically murdered at the young age of 11. His tragic upbringing and death earned him the cover of Time Magazine in 1994.

Earning his nickname from his love for cookies, Yummy was out in the streets early in life becoming a felon by age 9. Yummy, an affiliate of the notorious street gang Black Disciples, had his hand in numerous criminal activities, including arson, armed robbery, car theft and murder.

But it was Yummy’s upbringing that sheds light on his outcome. His mother was a prostitute and crack c------ addict who spent time in and out of jail. Yummy never knew his father who was also incarcerated.

At the order of Black Disciple gang members, Yummy went on a shooting spree in late August 1994 targeting teens he thought were members of rival gangs. He opened fire on several teens with a 9-millimeter semiautomatic pistol. One of the bullets struck and killed 14-year-old Shavon Dean.

Yummy subsequently went into hiding following his actions. Fearing Yummy would snitch, BD members and brothers Cragg, 16, and Derrick Hardaway, 14, murdered Yummy execution style. Yummy was shot in the back of the head with two .25-caliber rounds.

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