Wacka Flocka On Chief Keef: ‘He From A Neighborhood Where Being 21 Is Like Getting a Diploma’

Wacka Flocka appeared in an interview on MTV News to show his support for Chief Keef. Chief Keef, born Keith Cozart was sentenced Thursday to serve 60 days in Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles, IL.

“That Chief Keef situation, that just show me how people can disrespect you and accept you at the same time,” Wacka said. “I’m like that’s a kid at the end of the day. I feel like that’s me when I first start rapping. People judge me. It’s just that they judge you because they don’t understand you.

“Instead of judging the kid and bashing him down, why not reach arm to help him if your kids like it. If your kids listen to a specific style of music, you should want to reach an arm out to a kid. Not to say ‘Yo, he got 60 days for holding a gun.’ That’s all they broadcasting.”

Wacka said everyone must understand Chief Keef’s background.

Chief Keef, he said, is “from a neighborhood where being 21 is like getting a diploma.”

“You know I’m saying? With that being said, he made it out of there trying to pull kids out of there,” he said. “Like people like me, I can show him a bigger picture like ‘you ain’t gotta hold no gun in an interview.’ It’s bigger than that. You’re already there. Get you people out. That goes to show people don’t care about the situation. They just gonna laugh at the lifestyle.”

Watch Wacka’s interview below

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