Wale Reacts To Gay Rumors

Wale ain’t with the foolery. The “Bad” rapper was subjugated to ridiculous rumours after several media outlets reported he was sleeping in the bed of another man.

Wale took to Twitter to respond to the rumors.

Wale wrote, “Kill… y’all wild af and believe anything. Some of y’all want some drama so bad you’ll settle for a fake one if it’ll create convo.”

He added, “When they can’t f**k with your shine they gon reach… keep running your course.”

This isn’t the first time Wale had to respond to rumors. In 2013, Wale took to Instagram to refute rumors of his demise.

Wale posted a photo of himself alive and well. The “Lotus Flower Bomb” rapper wasn’t too pleased with the rumors calling it “evil.”

“In order for there to be good… There must be evil… Wishing another persons demise is evil. At the end of the day it’s music.. Just music.. And the participants in this “game” are all human. There is power in the tongue.,” he wrote on the caption of the photo.

Wale again proved he was alive by taking to Twitter to write, “Wild Internet ni**as.”

“People say stuff like that not knowin we got real families and friends that care about us…It’s all fun until YOU lose somebody.”

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