YBN Nahmir Reacts To YBN Almighty Jay Dating Blac Chyna

#ybnnahmir reacts to #ybnalmightyjay dating #blacchyna @hot97

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YBN Almighty Jay recently made headlines after rumors of his relationship with Blac Chyna surfaced online. YBN Nahmir was asked his opinion on his friend’s relationship with the socialite during a sit-down interview with Hip Hop Mike of Hot 97.

#blacchyna confirms she is dating 18-year-old rapper #ybnalmightyjay 😮

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Nahmir said Jay is getting “Clout Tokens” off the relationship. YBN Nahmir is happy for Jay, but says he wouldn’t be caught with Blac Chyna.

“I’m gone. You is not finna catch me over there,” Nahmir said. “That can be the home girl. If it’s Jay and her. That can be the home girl. But me? Never. He gone have to take that for the team. That’s bro. She cool and s**t.”

Nahmir says he doesn’t really have any advice for Jay.

“He a grown as man,” he said. “He gotta do what he do. I just want him to do s**t on his own. I’m letting him grow up by himself.”

Blac Chyna and Almighty Jay were at a bowling alley in Los Angeles.

Chyna confirmed to TMZ she was dating Almighty Jay.

“Yeah, we’re like, dating,” Chyna said while laughing.”

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