YBN Nahmir Addresses Beef With Tay-K

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YBN Nahmir doesn’t have any static with Tay-K. The “Rubbin Off The Paint” rapper was asked about his current standing with the jailed Texas rapper.

“I don’t got no problems with that n***a,” Nahmir said. “I don’t know him.”

Hip Hop Mike then asked Nahmir if Tay-K had problems with him.

“Not that I heard of,” Nahmir replied. “Motherf****s done really got on the phone with each other and really chopped it up. Got the politics on what really happened. And motherf****s starting to understand it’s just the internet behind s**t. I don’t got no problem with that n***a at all.”

Nahmir said he’s not going to put his issues with Tay-K online. He much rather focus on the money.

“2018 is a money-making year,” he said. “Beef? What is beef?”

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