Young Thug Disses Plies For Calling Him A Lower-Tier Artist

Days ago, Plies referred to Young Thug as a lower-tier artist during an interview with Complex.

Young Thug didn’t take to kindly to Plies’ words. Thugger took aim at Plies in a heated rant on Twitter.

Calling Plies a “p****y boy,” Thug argued he was a millionaire and had way more hit songs than the Florida rapper.

Thug and Plies’ beef started after Plies shared a video of Thug’s daughter picking her nose and cursing.

Thugger opened up on the incident during an interview with Sway In The Morning.

“I don’t understand how you can post a video of a kid cussing,” Thug said. “I don’t understand it, and I’m young. …I ain’t never have a problem with Plies putting it up cause he’s not the one who put it up. He’s not the one who started it. …I only have the problem with him cause he said ‘Bih.’ I understand where he come from – Florida – that’s like a popular word. I don’t understand how you can call a little girl the “B” word. I might slap the… I might slap the sh*t out of him when I see him. It would’ve been resolved if he would’ve deleted it. I understand pride. Both of us have pride. I put a video up about him and I was tripping, frustrated about it, and I deleted it. I’m grown. He didn’t delete the video. The video is still up. He changed what he said, but he still didn’t delete the video. ”

The caption on Plies’ post that had Thug so irate read, “(CURRENT MOOD) ‘I’m Muthaf****n Tied’ (Not Tired)… #BihFeelLikeMeBih #Plies #AintNoMixtapeBih #BihDiggingInDatNose #SameSh*tIBeTellingABih.”

Thug commented on Plies’ post, writing, “Get this s**t off yo page or its problems my n***a, not asking no more on slime.”

He also posted a short video demanding Plies take the video down.

“Man, I want everybody in the world to at this f**k n***a Plies and tell this p***y n***a if he don’t take this motherf*****g video off of his motherf*****g page calling her out her name, it’s gon be problems,” Thug said. “If it ain’t down today, on everything I love it’s problems. Whatever you wanna be with, p***y ass f**k n***a.”

Plies would later edit his caption to be more respectful of Thug’s daughter, but not before directing a few choice words of his own at Thug.

“I’ll never disrespect nobody children,” he said. “Never have and never will. I put up an IG post of a lil girl I ain’t know who the f**k she was. All I know she was speaking on how I felt, n***a. And still feel like she speaking for me. You had a problem with it, f**k n***a, you ask me to take it down. You don’t threaten me to do nothing, p***y n***a.”

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