Mixtape Review: Asa and Mikey Dollaz- ‘Murder We Wrote’

West Side Chicago artists Mikey Dollaz and Asa combined their talents for dual mixtape “Murder We Wrote,” hosted by DJ Honorz and DJ Amaris. Mikey and Asa are no strangers to the underground Chicago Hip Hop movement.

Mikey is known for his music with fellow M.I.C rappers I.L Will and Lil Chris.

Mikey’s latest project marks his second dual mixtape. His first dual mixtape “Business N Pleasure” was a collaboration between himself and Dreezy.

Mikey and Asa’s collaborative project was rightfully titled. Mikey Dollaz and Asa dropped deadly bars throughout their entire project.

Sh*t definitely gets real for the two artists on this tape in their Snapback on the track production.

Mikey raps, “I’m thirsty for bodies/My b***h is a hottie/I’m sh*tting on n*ggas, I’m something like a potty/I’m always off flats or maybe a molly.”

Asa raps, “High off the molly, drunk in the party/Just picked up the 40, we hurting somebody/These b*tches some thotties, we hurting somebody.”

Asa and Mikey are increasingly becoming a presence on the underground Hip Hop scene. They really don’t need an introduction. But for those who have been living under a rock, someone better tell somebody about these two. King Louie lent Asa and Mikey some assistance on their track.

Asa and Mikey Dollaz turned their savagery up a notch in song “1st Degree Freestyle.”

Mikey boasts murderous flows, rapping, “My shooters dressed up like the Oakland Raiders/Catch you lackin, that’s a body down/All you hearing is he siren sounds/Nosy neighbors came to stand around/Just to see who got fanned down.”

Dollar signs fill the eyes of Asa and Mikey Dollaz. The West Side natives “Turn Up” as they get to the money chase in their Jahrizma production.

Asa anchors this single in auto-tune, rapping, “I just bought my b***h Brazillian and I’m stacking money to the ceiling/Flexing hard and I’m hurting b*****s’ feelings/N****s start to hate you, know they catching feelings/Smoking on the gas, now I’m pushing on the gas/Now, I’m trippin/Now, I’m flippin/Now, I’m grippin on that a--.”

Mikey raps, “I just my b***h a banger/And she stuffing 30 bullets in the chamber/Pop a deuce and I’m now I’m rolling/Never wife a b***h cause all these h*es is going/Shorty finna gun up/N***s sending off, they runnin/I’ma still get em burned up/Off a flat, I’ma turn up.”

Mikey and Asa kept the intensity going with track “Want No Drama.” Mikey anchors this track, rapping, “These n****s gon talk to the law and confess/And after get shot in the jaw with the tech/N****s is p***y, I’m leaving them wet.”

Asa takes aim at rival rappers, rapping, “All these rappers is looking like targets like targets/It’s a sale on your soul, but that is so cheap, I might need to bargain.”

Asa and Mikey Dollaz’ hustlers’ anthem “Cut The Check” made its debut in November 2013. The track also features Z Money and Dreezy.

Mikey Dollaz ability to put together collaborative mixtapes with a diverse range of MCs shows his versatility as an MC. It further shows he is a team player, a plus for any artist longing for a career in the music industry. Asa should be commended for staying true to himself and his art form in the project. Download project below.

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