Mixtape Review: Judo Heffner- ‘Brooks Town’

Judo Heffner gave listeners the real in “Brooks Town” mixtape. Hosted by DJ Amaris and DJ Legacy, “Brooks Town” was a superb catalog of music that provided listeners an intimate look into Judo’s life.

The tape included more than enough tracks for listeners to digest- 19 total.

Judo’s opening track “Ground Up” features Smylez. This song incorporates a theme of struggle and triumph.

Judo raps, “We built this from the ground up/Chasing this dream, gotta get your grind up/At the top, somewhere you gone find us/League boi, two guns up, that’s us.”

Smylez follows Judo, rapping, “I found my way without a map/Started writing, watching my older brothers rap/Cold nights on 69th, my crib was like a trap/Me and Pete boiling water, so we can wash our backs/Started League Boi when I was 17/A bum told me it’s cowardly not to chase a dream.”

Judo Heffner and Killa Kellz collaborated on the track “Shooters,” a YT production.

“Shout out to the shooters and the shooters only,” Judo Heffner repeats in the hook.

Judo hits his verse, rapping, “These n****s in the house cause they f*****g scared/Got a white T, turn it f*****g red/My block hot, we make bodies drop/Shopping sprees, we choppin shots.”

Kellz follows, rapping, “Shout out to the n****s that throw I/Shout out to the opps, they gon hide/Shout out to my n****s, they gon ride/Shout out to the opps, they gon die/Big Is, so you know I’m die Ls.”

Judo and Lil Velt are in hustle mode in the Flowzz Beatz-produced track “Trap House.” Despite the moneymaking opportunity, Judo and Velt describe a trap house as a dangerous hustle. Gunplay is just as much part of the game as cooking up work. Trappin isn’t for everyone. Trap at your own risk.

YT again lent his production talents on “Joy Stick” featuring Bunny. Listeners should know that Judo isn’t talking about video game controller. Judo boasts his sexual prowess to his female love interest. Bunny’s vocals were a nice touch to this track.

Judo raps, “Betcha never had it like this/Betcha never had it like that/Up, down, left right when I hit/She fell in love with the joy stick/She long hair, shorty looking mix/Let me show you how wet you can get.”

Judo and Q Capone “Pray” for protection in their Flowzz Beatzz production. Chiraq is a city where death is very prevalent in its urban community. Judo asks God if He can watch over himself, family and peers.

Judo pleads to most High, rapping, “Now, I’m on a different level, got more pain/This the struggle, can’t wait till it all change/Oh my God! Oh my God!/They took my n***a from me, I need some strength, God!/I don’t get no sleep, my mind playing tricks on me/This song for my n***a, this ain’t about me.”

Judo’s eyes see dollar signs in “Money Talk,” a Malice of BlackOut Cliq production.

“You talking n***a, let your money talk/Counting up, I can’t talk/Bank rolls steady folding out/Got a stash house, that’s the green house/Benjamin Franks talking to me/If you not talking about money, why you talking to me.”

Judo secured he production talents of Young Chop for track “Dead Meat” featuring Prophet Jewel. This track is a tale of retribution as he raps, “You take my brother, I take your mother n***a/Don’t give a f**k about no karma, n***a/2-2-3s go through your armor n***a/Army guns, but I ain’t no army n***a.”

Judo’s track “Momma,” is dedicated to his OG. If Judo could do it all over again, he would’ve listened to his mother and stayed away from the streets.

Judo raps, “She told me that the streets was no good for me/But in the streets I’m good, so that’s where I be/I wish a n***a would like a lumber jack/I’ll be back momma, your son gotta get these racks/I’m tryna get these better days/I’m wishing for a great night/If I would’ve listened, I swear to God I’d be alright.”

Judo is in a League of his own with his brand of Hip Hop. Judo’s “Brooks Town” mixtape was an open diary on his life in and out of the streets. He wasn’t ashamed to give listeners the good, the bad and the ugly. It is also worth mentioning the A1 production from the producers on this project. YT had a huge role on this project delivering some classic production worthy of industry attention. There wasn’t one production from YT that wasn’t hot. Judo’s “Brooks Town” is worth the download.

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