BMF Founder Big Meech Steps In The Game and Meek Mill’s Beef

An unlikely source has stepped in to quell the beef between The Game and Meek Mill. BMF founder Big Meech, who is currently serving a 30-year sentence on drug charges, offered words of encouragement for Meek Mill.

Meek took to IG to share a screenshot of the text Meech sent him:

“But I was just trying to holler at you for a min so hopefully I can say something to you that means something b4 them dudes out there force. Your hand and make you crash and lose everything out there you work to hard to get! I wanna see you on top successful where you belong not in prison over some avoidable dumb sh*t! Max love and respect the real big meech b.m.f. immortal!”


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The Game dissed Meek Mill days ago at Club Story in Miami.

“I just want to beat that n***a’s a-- one good time,” he said. “When you see me n***a, square up. It ain’t gotta be no guns, n***a. F*ck Meek Mill. N***a, I’m gang. Westside Bompton.”

Game threw more shots at Meek in “92 Bars.”

Game raps:

“Bang the ratchet at Denny’s and fly herself back to Philly
She got a couple mill and she don’t even know Meek
And ever since that n*gga snitched on me we just don’t speak
See that s--- you got with Drake is like a slow leak
Blood’ll be dripping like Niagara if I poke Meek
Nicki won’t get no sleep, I’m coming through at 4 a.m
Four deep, to leave his dead body on the soaked sheets
It could happen lowkey
You better have Ross call me or you gon’ be eye level with a roach feet”

Game then says, “This ain’t a diss, n***a/This is all lives matter except this n----’s.”

Game finishes his record dishing out more hardcore bars acapella-style:

“My n*gga Drizzy packed you out and you ain’t do s---
This the Golden State and my shooters ain’t on no hoop s---
N---- you know that I’ll snap you like a toothpick
And snitching on n*ggas ain’t never been no cool s---
And I’ve been wanting to give Nicki this pool stick
So tell your lil’ vibrant thing come f--- with Q-Tip
We know where you live, n*gga, you better move quick
And start thinking twice about who you hop in the coupe with.”

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