Capo Comes Into His Own In ‘G.L.O.N.L. 2’ (Review)

Fans were relentless when flooding Capo’s mentions for news on the release date of his “G.L.O.N.L. 2.” Fans should be honored that an artist would rather take their time recording a hot project to better their listening pleasure than to drop something incomplete. The Glo Gang artist opted to go a different route when recording his new album. He laid off freestyle and auto tune use to showcase his songwriting ability. Capo recorded his tracks with a mission of capturing his listeners.

“With ‘G.L.O.N.L. 2’ it’s gon be like, you gon be able to feel the music, riding in your car,” he told Hip Hops Revival. “I’m speaking real sh-t. Sh-t I really went through. Sh-t I seen. Sh-t that’s going on right now. It’s gonna be a nice little turn up for the fans.”

Capo opens his record with the Chief Keef-produced track “Yekim.” He raps, “Young wild n-ggas/Hit your block, pistols park you down, n-gga/Very fortunate for this sh-t that you do got/Tony Kukoc, I send magic, f-ck n-gga get you shot.”

Capo and Tadoe keep it all the way 100 in their collaborative joint “You Lying.” The two Glo Gang artists can merch their Glo. But they can’t say the same for these lying a-- thots. Capo and Tadoe question these types of females in their record.

Tadoe hits this record, rapping, “Opps acting like they a-- want beef, boy you lying/Pull up on the block, let the chop go gratata, boy that’s flying/Don’t act like you shopped that Louie, you lying/All that make-up on your face, girl you ain’t fine.”

Capo follows, rapping, “I know two years ago you wouldn’t f-ck me, now you wanna f-ck cause I’m a star though/Glo Gang got shooters that assassinate sh-t and them shooters go wherever I go.”

Listeners should ready themselves to get turnt at this point. Capo and Tadoe got “Gang In This B*tch.” Cap and Tadoe are ready to tear the scene up in their Emazin production.

Tadoe raps, “Tuck yo chain in this b-tch, you a stain in this b-tch/I’m with the gang, you little b-tch/Suck our thang, you little b-tch, I want some brain in this b-tch.”

Capo is just as turnt as Tadoe as he raps, “30 hang off my hip, gang in this b-tch/We Glo Gang, can’t hang in this b-tch, hang in this b-tch/Shoot at my whip, I aiming and sh-t.”

Capo taps Glo Gang boss Chief Keef for song “I’m Sick.” Cap and Sosa are ill, but that’s not a bad thing in Hip Hop lingo. Sosa and Cap prefer to call their expensive items sick.

Capo raps, “Damn, I’m sick/Counting all this money, don’t even have a counting hand/Gotdamn I’m sick/Been sick since they locked up Slick/Glo Gang and all our houses are big/Got $100,000 cars in front of where we live.”

Capo linked with Chiraq rap titan Lil Herb for “Watchu Get.” Herb drops some jewels in the opening seconds of this record.

“Look, when you out here playing that street sh-t, man,” Herb says. “What you see ain’t always what you get. Main thing, don’t panic. Keep yo head up. RIP them n-ggas.”

Herb, who also handles this song’s hook, goes on to raps, “I’ma tell you this, what you see ain’t always what you get/Cause I saw that light right before my eyes/But they aint hit sh-t/Remember all them nights toting all them pipes to protect my life.”

Capo raps, “N-ggas b-tches, n-ggas snitches, who ya with?/What gangster is you? How many in your clique?/Ride through your block with this (?) and get flipped.”

Capo truly came into his own on his sophomore project. Capo had a strategy in place for this project and followed through with his blueprint. Capo wasn’t afraid to experiment with different styles of rap and sounds on this project. It was dope for Capo to add more structure and themes to his music. His first project “G.L.O.N.L” was good, but his sequel is far superior. Not only was he able to secure features from some of the Chi’s top artists, he was also able to handle some cuts by his lonesome. It’s good to see Capo become more comfortable with his artistry. We’re already looking forward to “G.L.O.N.L. 3.” Fans can purchase “G.L.O.N.L. 2” on iTunes and/or stream/download project via Live Mixtapes below.

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