Dlow Teaches BET’s ‘106 & Park’ The ‘Dlow Shuffle’

Dlow, a newly signed Atlantic Records artist, made his way to BET’s highly touted teen program “106 & Park” to premier his “Dlow Shuffle” music video and also teach hosts Bow Wow and Keshia Chante the dance.

Dlow told the hosts and viewers why he refers to himself as the “Bop King.”

“I’m the king cause can’t nobody do it like me,” he said. “I originated this. Bopping is a dance style with all the dances put in one…you got the Dougie, you got foot working…just with your own swag.”

Dlow cited Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Omarion as his dance influences.

The West Side native revealed he choreographed the “Dlow Shuffle” to bring positivity to Chicago.

“It was about 4 o’clock in the morning and I’m just sitting there thinking where I’m from, it’s just a bunch of negativity,” he explained. “People think ‘I go to Chicago, I’ma get shot. I go to Chicago, something bad gon happen.’ …I wanted to bring some positivity to the town. I just wanted to create a dance where everybody can join together and be positive than come together and be negative.”

Dlow says he didn’t expect the amount of success his “Dlow Shuffle” song generated.

“When I first put it up, I thought it was gonna go local. People in Chicago gon do it cause they bopping already. But when it hit the numbers that it hit, I know God was blessing me.”

Dlow has become a social media star following the viral success of popular dance “Dlow Shuffle.” His tutorial vid has well over 3 million views on YouTube.

Dlow’s “Dlow Shuffle Takeover” music video has over a half a million views on YouTube.

Dlow and Lil Kemo made a special visit to Steve Harvey to showcase their new dance.

Dlow told Harvey he would have never guessed his dance would go viral.

“I was just sitting in the house one day and just decided to do something,” he said. “It’ a blessing to see everybody doing it…all the kids doing it, schools, churches, everybody…it’s just amazing.”

Dlow went on to explain the meaning behind his name and the keys to learning the dance.

“Dlow means determined, loyal, optimistic and willing to learn,” he said. “That’s the key to the dance. The other key is the moves.”

Dlow and Lil Kemo joined the crew at Fox 32’s Good Day Chicago to teach the dance.

The “Bop Kings” spoke with Fox’s Melody Mendez and Jake Hamilton about the growing popularity of the dance.

Dlow said “bopping” propelled him to choreography the “Dlow Shuffle.”

Kemo told viewers one can hit their own moves with the shuffle and to just let the beat and lyrics of a song guide them.

“Basically the dance is catchy only when you listen to the beat and lyrics, so you body move with beat and the lyrics of the words,” Kemo said.

Dlow called the instant popularity of his dance and song a “blessing from God.”

The Bop Kings went on to teach Mendez, Hamilton and viewers the dance.

Check out Dlow’s official “Dlow Shuffle” music video below.

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