Geraldo Rivera Hates to Brag, Says ‘Thug Wear’ Killed Trayvon Martin

Gerald Rivera hates to brag. The Fox News contributor believes he was right about the Trayvon Martin being killed because of his attire, not because of his race.

The FBI released their notes on the case and attribute Zimmerman’s profiling of Martin to the teen’s wear.

Rivera is now confidant that Martin would be alive if not for his “thug wear” and he cites Chicago and New York City’s alarming black on black homicide rates.

“I was right about the hoodie, wasn’t I?” Rivera said. “I hate to brag, but I got criticized by every pundit in America when I said Trayvon Martin would be alive today, but for the fact he was wearing thug wear. Turns out now that we look at George Zimmerman’s interviews with the police; he didn’t profile Trayvon Martin because he was black, he profiled him because he was wearing a hoodie; he was a strange kid, didn’t recognize him wearing the same garb that had been worn by previous perpetrators of house break-ins in his community.”

Homicide has increased in many metropolitan cities around the country. Homicide has increased 39 percent in the city of Chicago, whereas homicide increased in New York City by 17 percent, respectively.

Ray Kelly, New York City Police Department Commissioner, says, “96 percent of homicide victims are people of color.”

Are Rivera’s comments a bit insensitive? Is he right to suggest Martin was killed because of “thug wear?”

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