Gucc Money Drops “Ny vs Chicago” Music Video

New York rapper Gucc Money calls out Chiraq artists in his “NY vs Chicago” music video directed by Staxx Pasos. Gucc Money explains why he made the track in the song’s introduction by stating, “I ain’t got nothing against Chiraq, but I heard everything they had to say. I wanna say something too. Don’t take nothing personal, it’s just a freestyle. Don’t apply, let it fly. I’m about to talk my sh*t.”

Gucc Money kicks off the first verse rapping, “New York be the hometown/16 feel grown now/Chicago wanna talk about us, but we independent.. we don’t need no crowd/they go nowhere without gang, but never go far..they ain’t got no miles/We like to do the Balmains/heard they do the Hanes, they ain’t got no style/I ain’t even gon lie tho/Brooklyn wanna be Chicago/We got n*ggas rapping like them, acting like, but don’t wanna die slow.”

Sheesh. Hear what else Gucc Money has to say in his intense “Ny vs Chicago” song.

Check Out Gucc Money’s “Ny vs Chicago” visual below:

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