L’A Capone’s Mom Remembers Son As ‘Outgoing,’ ‘Funny’ & ‘Always Telling Jokes’

Leonard Anderson was known to friends and fans as “L’A Capone” before his untimely demise. The “Play For Keeps” rapper was shot and killed Thursday, Sept. 27 as he was leaving a recording studio.

Anderson’s mom, Dedra Morris, spoke to Chicago Sun-Times to recall the events leading to her son’s tragic death.

“He was right on 70th and Stoney Island at a studio doing whatever you do at a studio…rhyming some tracks,” she said. “He left out with his friend. They was waiting on their ride…somebody just walked up on him and shot him three times up close. They took him to the hospital and he was there in surgery for about two or three hours. They came out and said he didn’t make it cause he was losing too much blood…as fast as they were pumping it in, it was coming back out, his heart was beating too fast.”

Morris doesn’t know who could have committed the heinous crime. She didn’t think her son had enemies.

“I don’t know if he was into it with somebody,” she said. “He didn’t act like he was. But you don’t know what your kids doing once they leave out your door.”

Morris had fond memories of Anderson describing the burgeoning artist as “outgoing,” “funny,” and “always telling jokes.”

Anderson, she said, was always messing with his younger sister.

“He was the only boy, so he was always irritating everybody else,” she continued. “He didn’t have a brother, so he irritated all the girls. But it was good irritation.”

Morris said the process of planning a funeral for her only son has been very tough.

“I don’t know how to begin planning a funeral for my son,” she said. “I don’t know what to do. It just feel like there’s a weight sitting right here on my chest. My chest just hurt. Can’t nothing in the world prepare you for that. When I woke up yesterday morning, I didn’t think when I went to bed last night that my son wasn’t going to be here no more.”

Anderson was a rising rap artist whose works have been featured in multiple Hip Hop blogs. His viral hit songs include, “Play For Keeps,” “Round Here,” “Shooters,” “Murder,” “The Gat” and “So Loud.”

Check out music from the L’A Capone below.

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