Rapper Q-Tip Says George Zimmerman Verdict Worse Than Rodney King Verdict

Much of the nation is stunned after a jury found George Zimmerman not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin.

The jury, comprised of six women, deliberated for more than 16 hours before reaching their decision Saturday night.

Zimmerman and attorneys smiled after the verdict was read.

Q-Tip, formerly of the group A Tribe Called Quest, called the verdict worse than the Rodney King case.

King became a national icon after footage was captured of him being beaten by Los Angeles police officers following a high-speed car chase on March 3, 1991.

The officers involved in the beating were acquitted by a jury.

Martin left his father’s fiancé’s home on a rainy Feb. 26 night to pick up snacks. Zimmerman, who was acting as neighborhood watch, pursued Martin after deeming the Miami-Dade teen suspicious.

Zimmerman shot 17-year-old Martin following a confrontation. Zimmerman alleged he was acting in self-defense.

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