Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee Resigns Amid Trayvon Martin Controversy

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee Jr., 52, resigned from his position today weeks after he initially stepped down from his post, The Orlando Sentinel reports.

Lee stepped down weeks ago saying he had become a “distraction” to the case.

“I do this in the hopes of restoring some semblance of calm to a city which has been in turmoil for several weeks,” said Lee, 52, in a brief March 22 news conference.

Controversy engulfed the Sanford Police Department for the mishandling of Martin’s death. Martin’s body was tested for drugs and alcohol, while Zimmerman was not.

Trayvon Martin, 17, was shot and killed by George Zimmerman as he walked to his father’s fiancé’s home from picking up snacks. Zimmerman, 28, a neighborhood watchman, confronted who called “suspicious.”

Zimmerman shot and killed Martin, but cites “self-defense.”

Lee steps down days after Zimmerman was released from jail on $150,000 bond.

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