Bricksquad OG & Lil JoJo Affiliate Killa Kemo Addresses Chicago Violence & Issues Powerful Message To Youths

Killa Kemo, a renowned figure in the Bricksquad 069 camp, had much to say regarding the violence gripping the urban communities of Chicago.

Kemo beckoned “shooters” to put the down the guns and focus on getting money.

“To all the the shooters, man leave that shooting s--- along, y’all n----- block popping (shooting down the block)…” he wrote.

Chicago has been in the spotlight for its high murder rate. In 2012, the Windy City recorded 506 homicides. There are currently 401 homicides in the city to date, according to

Chicago has long recorded devastating numbers over the past two decades.

Chicago recorded its highest peak of homicides in 1992 with 943 murders, according to statistics compiled by the Chicago Police Department.

Since 1991, there has been an estimate of 14,500 murders in Chicago to date.

“…Y’all killing people sisters n mothers, how would u feel if somebody kill your lil sis or mother,” he continued. “…Right is right and wrong is wrong, and killing lil kids is wrong.”

One of the more high profile cases to receive media attention was the deaths of baby Jonylah Watkins and 15-year-old honor student Hadiyah Pendleton.

At only 6 months of age, Watkins was murdered March 11 as she was getting her diaper changed by her father Jonathan Watkins.

Pendleton was killed Jan. 29 only a week after performing in President Barack Obama’s inaugural events when shots rang out in Harsh Park. The shooting occurred just a mile away from Obama’s Chicago residence.

A Chicago park shooting nearly claimed the life of 3-year-old Deonta Howard after he was shot in the head. He luckily survived the shooting after the bullet entered his ear and exited his mouth. He is currently recovering.

Kemo issued a personal message to the older figures misguiding the youths of their community.

“Man y’all older n----- need to holla at y’all lil homie, this s--- is real, I tell the shorty who I see be out here with that crazy s--- to fall back, because I don’t want them to get smoke, or shoot somebody or the wrong person, teach them n----- how to get some money, not shoot s---, life about getting money…” he wrote.

But his message didn’t come without some tough love for the youngins in the community. Kemo issued a stern message telling the young men to not fall victim to peer pressure and to make their own decisions.

“…To all u young boys, do it because you want to do it, not because your homie want you to do, he not your homie if he trying to tell u to do something that can get you killed or locked up for the rest of your life, get money, you might seen me n that bdk video n think that was cool, not at all, f-- that gun s---, that don’t make u a man,” he wrote.

Kemo makes a cameo appearance in slain Chicago rapper Lil JoJo’s infamous “3HunnaK” music video.

This single set JoJo on the path to viral fame. It was filmed shortly before the Englewood teen’s tragic demise. The song took aim at the 300 Black Disciple street gang.

Kemo told the young men their focus in life should be “taking care” of their family.

“f-- a friend, life is about having fun, not smoking loud, drilling, or none of that s---,” he said.

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