Chiraq Rapper 600Breezy Reacts To Spike Lee’s Rant About Savages On Sway In The Morning

Spike Lee got social media talking about his passionate argument on savages during his Sway In The Morning interview.

Spike Lee received praise for his Kanyesque rant, but did draw some criticism. 600Breezy didn’t like Spike Lee’s message one bit.

“Spike Lee… keep that sh*t in New York,” he said. “You already on our bad side. You steady wanna talk sh*t. Let us be savage. It’s the life we live, n***a. Always got something to say cause you dropped that weak ass movie. F**k you and N*ck Cannon. Watch yo f*****g mouth.”

“Spike lee you really pissing us off… shut yo old ass mouth,” the caption on his post read.

Spike Lee called out the Chicago rappers who called Nick Cannon “soft,” “white bread” and “too clean cut” to play a gangster in his film.

“Is that the new norm for these young thugs in Chicago to be a savage? That’s what we’re going to aspire to? I should not cast Nick Cannon cause he didn’t kill nobody?” Spike Lee said. “Cause he don’t got motherf*****g bodies on him? Is that what it’s coming to? I’m not going for that bullsh*t. There’s nothing commendable about being a savage. That’s not who we are. I don’t care. You should not be getting props how many bodies you got, how many people you killed. There’s nothing fly about that sh*t. …That’s not being a man. If you think that’s being a man how many bodies you got, then you got a problem.”

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