King Luther Says DaBaby Can’t Come Back To Boston After Putting Man In Coma

Boston rapper King Luther isn’t rocking with DaBaby for the brute force his security put on fellow performer at Centro Nightclub in Lawrence, MA.

“DaBaby’s not allowed in Boston no more. And that’s on me,” King Luther. “You a h*e for that extra s**t. You see your mans doing that s**t. You should’ve been stopped that s**t. That n***a was by himself. That some h*e a-- s**t. You not allowed in Boston no more, and that’s on everything I love. Try to come to Boston, you gon see what’s up.”

DaBaby doesn’t want anyone getting too close to him. DaBaby had his team physically handle a fan who only wanted a picture with the “Suge” rapper.

DaBaby was scheduled to perform Friday night at Centro Nightclub in Lawrence, MA. The North Carolina rapper never performed due to an altercation with the fan.

A fan wanted a photo with DaBaby, but got turned down. The fan wouldn’t take no for an answer, and got handled by DaBaby’s team.

DaBaby watched as the incident went down. The fan was soon taken away from the event in a stretcher to the hospital. DaBaby cancelled the performance. He was paid $22,000 for his performance.

DaBaby clearly doesn’t like fans getting too close. A fan tried to place his arm around DaBaby during an event Friday. DaBaby wasn’t going and quickly removed the fan’s hand from around his waist.

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Was #DaBaby wrong for that or nah? 😂

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