Lud Foe Beat Up Teacher and Principal In High School

#LudFoe Beat Up Teacher and Principal In High School ? Click in bio for story

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Lud Foe was a troubled adolescent growing up on the West Side of Chicago. The “No Hooks 2” revealed he got into a lot of fights in his younger years.

Lud Foe sat down with Pvnch of This Is 50 to recount a story of himself fighting a teacher and principal in high school:

“When I first got me first case I ever caught – I got caught with some weed,” Lud Foe said. “First time I went to jail, I whooped the teacher in the school. I was fighting a student. Me and a student got into a fight in school. The teacher broke it up. The n***a I was fighting in the school was real cool with this teacher. When he broke it up, he grabbed me a certain way, and let him get a little quick licks in before he break it up. So I bust on his a–. I socked his a–, you feel me. When I punched him, we get to fighting. I tackled his a–, get to whooping him. Now here the principals, other teachers. They get on top of me. I had a fat a– principal. He was like 300 pounds. This big motherf****r, I punched his a–. I’m so mad. You know when you get mad, You know how you get mad … I already socked a teacher, so I don’t give a f**k now. He done made me so mad I hit his a–. I’m going down. I might as well sock yo a–, too. They gon give me the same case, so I bust his a–. Bam. I stick him. He grab me and s**t. I try to get away. I can’t do s**t, though. He big as hell. He dropped down and hold all his weight on me. That man literally laid on me til the police came. I always used to run. After I do some s**t in school, whoop a motherf****r, I’ma leave the school. I’ma break out the school, get out of there cause I know they gon call the police on me.”

Watch at 3:50-mark below:

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